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Moving from preliminary to final reads in minutes, with lower error rates, can often mean the difference between life and death.

Breast cancer diagnosed in an early, curable stage. Stroke identified in time for critical treatment to prevent brain damage. Fast, accurate diagnoses save lives – it’s the standard you should expect from your radiology partners.

Whether you are an Academic Medical Center, Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) or Community Hospital, delivering high-caliber specialty care requires access to radiology subspecialists. These specialists should have expertise to cover the full range of medical conditions and imaging modalities – day and night with fast turn-around times. Your mission is to provide outstanding patient care across your system in a coordinated, collaborative environment 24/7/365. Radiology is the center point of that care in many cases — from simple to complex.

Foundation Radiology’s approach to hospital imaging saves lives. In fact, we have improved healthcare for millions of patients by offering a revolutionary way of delivering radiology that provides more subspeciality access, real-time peer-to-peer consultation and proactive quality measurement and reporting in a virtual care environment. With support staff providing essential up-front processes (prioritizing cases, routing, compiling case history and relevant prior imaging, preliminary reads), the integrated team of local radiologists and radiology subspecialists have broader bandwidth to focus on patient reads, maintain expertise and sharpness, and deliver final results with measurably lower error rates.

Delivering lower error rates and fast final reads to Academic Medical Centers, IDNs and Community Hospitals
Critical findings and guidance to physicians in under six minutes? Read how Foundation Radiology transformed this community hospital.

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24/7/365 coverage for accurate, faster diagnoses & final reads in minutes

“Foundation’s model is the best of both worlds — onsite radiologists and access to 24/7 subspecialty expertise.”

— Hospital Chief Medical Officer

The right radiology solution doesn’t just help a hospital’s bottom line, it saves lives.

The Foundation model:

  • Brings the full breadth of expertise and technology across all radiology subspecialties to physicians and patients, 24/7/365
  • Leads the industry with substantially lower error rates
  • Has proven capability to expand Interventional Radiology services
  • Facilitates proactive physician-to-physician communications on all critical findings
  • Collaborates with peers to improve relationships, care quality and patient satisfaction
  • Partners with each hospital in a health system to meet performance and quality goals

Benefits for your patients

  • Full range of academic subspecialty expertise available every hour of the day
  • Better outcomes, improved health and high-levels of satisfaction
  • Direct physician-to-physician communication on all critical findings
  • Higher confidence in clinical diagnosis
  • On-demand radiology specialists to answer emergent clinical issues
  • Experience of coordinated care across the health system backed by a proprietary IT platform

Want to lower your radiology department’s diagnostic error rates while getting faster preliminary and final reads?

We can help you improve patient satisfaction and outcomes today.

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