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The first Joint Commission-accredited multi-institutional radiology group provides your team with academic level, board-qualified radiologists covering all major hospital service lines and modalities.

A world-class academy at your fingertips. You aim for five-star patient care across your Academic Medical Center, IDN and Community Hospital every day. Make it a reality today with access to academic-trained, board-qualified radiologists representing a range of subspecialties. You will not only supplement your local radiology team, but also spark higher levels of care and collaboration across your system. Foundation Radiology Group delivers quantifiable results, including improved quality and outcomes, expanded services and a strong bottom line.

Think about it. Radiology is not an ancillary service. It is a vital service that touches almost every part of your health system: emergency care, cardiology, neurology, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, surgery, women’s services and others. Due to resource constraints and technology limitations, local radiologists alone cannot support the increasing demand for subspecialist coverage or the need to expand Centers of Excellence and service lines.

Joint Commission-accredited, board-qualified radiologists bring a world-class academy to your fingertips
The Radiology A-Team is at your disposal, anytime, day or night, all year long. 

See What We Mean

Support Where and When You Need It

As the first Joint Commission-accredited multi-institutional radiology group, Foundation created, and continues to perfect an innovative model to deliver academy-level radiology to Academic Medical Centers, IDNs and Community Hospitals. We embrace the future of radiology, while delivering on its promise today.

Foundation has successfully implemented its fully integrated “hybrid” radiology services delivery model over 30 times and annually provides more than 1.8 million final reads. Transitioning to our proven model is accomplished through a detailed, collaborative approach. We partner with onsite local radiologists, embed our staff within the Medical Executive Committee and become an integral part of the hospital administrative team. Additionally, 40 radiologists credentialed for your hospital provide real-time services and peer-to-peer clinical consultation across a full range of subspecialists. Each case goes to the right radiologist at the right time. Physicians and patients receive the answers they need for timely, appropriate care, with a greater degree of accuracy.

Repeated success and a large, growing team of industry innovators makes Foundation a safe choice for hospitals and a career home for radiologists who thrive in a continual peer-learning environment.

20% of current clients also used Foundation at prior hospitals to access our board-qualified radiologists

How this approach drives success:

  • Foundation Radiology works with you to analyze your health system’s needs and identify a custom solution that optimizes coverage, responsiveness and quality
  • Your hospitals have immediate access to a team of 40 credentialed radiology subspecialists — the same specialties as a leading academic institution with a board-qualified staff
  • The support of our subspecialist and team enable onsite radiologists to excel with greater satisfaction
  • With our team of radiology subspecialists lightening the workload of local radiologists, they have more opportunity to interact with hospital medical staff, administration and referring physicians, and become full care team partners
  • Foundation proactively tracks and measures all aspects of our services to validate the quantifiable results we deliver your organization
  • Hospitals see volume growth and expanded specialties
  • Patients benefit from quality care that improves outcomes and saves lives

“Foundation’s radiologists embed themselves in our organization and become part of the team – understanding our true needs and what’s best for the patient.”

— Hospital Vice President and Executive Director

Board qualified radiologists put academic quality imaging services at your fingertips.

Improve your hospital’s costs, quality and patient care today.

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