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Move beyond teleradiology solutions with more integrated radiology services and care delivered through our hybrid model.

The Future of Radiology for Academic Medical Centers, Integrated Delivery Networks and Community Hospitals Is here. Foundation Radiology Group is your trusted partner. We anticipate how radiology advances patient care and service, and implement it to facilitate the growth of your health system. This value-based approach aligns clinical excellence, operational efficiencies and physician and hospital relationships with custom metrics that improve performance.

Our expertise in delivering the Foundation model embraces the Future of Radiology for both hospitals and radiologists. It is already happening in more than 30 Academic Medical Centers, IDNs and Community Hospitals. We help you deliver seamless, academic-quality medical imaging services day and night. An optimal mix of local radiologists combined with dozens of credentialed, integrated radiology subspecialists who are available in real time provides hospitals with a range of services for improved patient care.

Each radiologist focuses on study interpretations to deliver final reads quickly and accurately. Meanwhile, support staff handles administrative tasks and organizes relevant clinical data. Local radiologists are incentivized to interact with medical staff as an embedded, collaborative member of the care team. You receive the right read from the most appropriate radiologist at the most opportune time to drive healthier quality and outcomes. The result? Satisfied radiologists, patients and clinicians.

$350 Billion spent on radiology every year
That’s radiology’s share of the average annual U.S. healthcare spend. There’s a lot on the line. Let us help you make sure you get it right.

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We help you deliver seamless, academic-quality medical imaging services day and night.

  • Save Lives

    Whether in the ER, a surgery suite or on an inpatient floor, your radiology department can deliver top-notch, around-the-clock coverage across all key medical subspecialties. In turn, you can deliver final reads in minutes, with measurably lower error rates, which saves lives. We put radiology with the patient, where it matters most. Our model provides the support and technology that places the most effective clinical expertise for each patient’s case with a team of academic-level radiologists.

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  • Overcome Barriers

    A variety of obstacles blocks the road to success for many health systems. As you look for ways to remove the obstacles in your path, radiology can be the engine to help you travel the road to sustainability with quality programs, market relevancy and service expansion. Foundation can help you unify radiology services across your health network and remove the barriers to growth.

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  • Academy at Your Fingertips

    Make access to a range of academic-level radiologists and comprehensive subspecialty support a reality for your health system. Foundation's unique hybrid model drives quality and productivity to new levels. We can quickly resolve many of your enterprise-wide challenges with a seamless and safe transition. Supplement the capabilities of your local radiologists 24/7 while offering them a more rewarding, exciting practice. Your patients will notice the difference.

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  • Quantifiable Performance

    It’s not enough to simply meet basic service level requirements. Partner with a proven radiology provider that believes performance should constantly be measured and reported. Our proactive approach to evaluating quality pushes us to continually improve. Six Sigma efficiency and accountability enables the Foundation team to provide more productive and service-oriented care with higher degrees of confidence from local radiologists.

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From teleradiology solutions to more integrated radiology services, every hospital has different needs.

You deserve a customized radiology solution that works for you and your patients.

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