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Foundation Radiology Group
PO Box 554895
Detroit, MI 48255-4895

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why am I receiving a bill from Foundation Radiology Group?

Foundation Radiology Group contracts with hospitals to provide radiology reading services. We bill separately from the hospital, which bills for the technical fees (equipment and the technicians who work with you to take the images) and onsite services associated with your imaging procedure. We bill on behalf of the specialized doctors who read and interpret the results of your study—and provide high-quality information back to your referring physician.

Q How do I pay my bill?

There are several ways to pay your bill:

1. To pay your bill by phone, call customer service at 1-800-401-0913

2. To pay online, visit

3. To pay by mail, send your payment to:

Foundation Radiology Group
PO Box 554895
Detroit, MI 48255-4895

Q Why did you bill an insurance provider in a different state than where I live?

To provide the best possible care, many of our physicians specialize in various types of radiology and provide their services to multiple hospitals. We are required to bill these “teleradiology” services to the Medicare and Blue Shield locales where the doctor is located when reading your study, rather than the state in which your imaging procedure was performed or where you live.

Q How do I schedule, change or prepare for my appointment/exam?

You need to call the facility where your appointment is taking place to receive further instructions and answers to these questions. Foundation Radiology Group provides specialized reading services after your procedure is completed.

Q If Foundation Radiology is reading imaging studies remotely, how do the results get to my doctor?

Foundation Radiology Group uses state-of-the-art systems and processes to communicate with referring physicians. We provide complete information in a timely manner so that your doctor can communicate the study results to you as quickly as possible.

Q I received a bill from Foundation Radiology after I was told that all services would be paid for through a prevention program (or an occupational medicine or other employer contractual arrangement). What should I do?

You or your insurance provider may have received a bill in error. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-401-0913.