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To revolutionize radiology practice in the community healthcare setting.


To deliver academic-level radiology services with Six Sigma efficiency and accountability.


  • Mission-Driven Focus – We relentlessly pursue excellence. We are fluid and focused. We are strategic in thinking and agile in execution. We are committed to providing superior service that improves the quality of care our partners are able to offer their patients.
  • Customer-Centric Accountability – We are accountable for promises to our customers. We are ethical in our actions. Our innovative spirit defines who we are, where we are going and the mutual successes we experience with our valued partners.
  • Team-Based Discipline – We continually maintain the trust and respect of our colleagues and valued partners by treating them the way that we expect to be treated. We are stronger together than we are alone. Collaboration is the bridge that allows us to transform the impossible into the achievable.

100% of client hospitals increased overall radiology volumes – enhancing service lines