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Academic Medical Centers, Integrated Delivery Networks and Community Hospitals require a comprehensive radiology company with proven quality, safety and service measurement and reporting.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Foundation Radiology Group is a trusted partner who understands today’s healthcare organizations. Implementing our pioneering hybrid radiology model, our customers are overcoming barriers to growth and implementing best practices that drive quantifiable quality performance improvement. Our experience is extensive and our model currently operates successfully in more than 30 hospitals across ten states. This repeated success, sustained quality levels and substantial scale make Foundation a safe choice for hospitals and a career home for radiologists.

Our radiology program rivals the very best institutions in the country. We are among the largest full-service radiology groups in the nation with more than 90 US-based radiologists, of which 70% are academic quality, board-qualified subspecialists. A leader in radiology service delivery innovation, Foundation is the first Joint Commission-accredited multi-state radiology group. We provide our clients and their patients with final reads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and total more than 1.8 million final reads annually. Using Six Sigma principles we focus on accountability, transparency and efficiency to deliver unmatched quality with proactive measurement for continual improvement.

With a passionate team of highly-skilled radiologists, we understand the level of quality necessary to make radiology a strategic difference. Our innovation, care and expertise are exemplified in everything we do. There is no other company that believes more deeply in value-based service, quality and outcomes.

 Foundation Radiology Overview

Our radiologists work smarter and faster with automation designed to meet the modern challenges of value-based healthcare.

Foundation Radiology Group delivers quality.
Day after day, month after month, year after year.

Who We Serve

At Foundation, we are proud to support the acute care market by providing life-saving services for millions of patients per year. We also assist healthcare organizations in finding efficiency- and quality-enhancing solutions that stimulate market growth and improve patients’ lives. The markets we serve include:

Academic Medical Centers – Academic Medical Centers are extremely mission-driven healthcare organizations. They bear the unique responsibility of providing medical education as well as producing groundbreaking research. While they are laser-focused on these imperatives, they also provide their communities with much-needed medical services — from simple to complicated. They are among the most complex organizations in healthcare and provide a bridge to supporting community hospitals with advanced healthcare services. Like community hospitals, they are facing tightening of margins, reflective of the reimbursement challenges with the move to a value-based care environment. They too are seeking solutions to improve quality and outcomes.

Integrated Delivery Networks – An IDN is a system of healthcare providers and facilities that provide medical services in a geographic area within a state or across state lines. Services provided by IDNs are extensive and typically range from primary care to acute care to home health and more. IDNs are focused on strategic growth by partnering with or acquiring community hospitals and aligning all services in order to better serve their patients through coordinated care models.

Community Hospitals – The frontlines of care in our communities, these hospitals provide short-term general acute care, while focused on saving lives and improving healthcare among the populations they serve. Today, many community hospitals are facing an exorbitant amount of pressure just to keep their doors open. Many are projected to close by 2020, creating gaps in care for millions of Americans. These important community organizations are seeking solutions to help them better measure and report on quality initiatives. They are also seeking to improve efficiency, remain strong in their markets and expand to simply survive.

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