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At the heart of every hospital is a mission to save lives. Today’s healthcare environment of changing regulations, increasing reporting, rising costs and shrinking workforce is making it harder and harder for hospitals to perform well – and survive.

There is one service that provides a lifeblood to hospitals, affecting nearly every service line, but is often overlooked as a key business driver – radiology. As imaging technology advances, providing more depth and breadth of diagnoses, patients and physicians expect greater speed and accuracy from radiology.

The Future of Radiology is Here

We are your trusted advisor for the future of radiology, providing service delivery, introducing Six Sigma efficiency and accountability and expanding access to subspecialists around the clock — helping hospitals and local radiologists adapt to today’s demanding environment. We expand radiology bandwidth and help them accomplish strategic growth goals while keeping patients at the center of care.

Six Sigma accountability lays the foundation for increased efficiency and productivity, and detailed reporting. We have raised the bar and set the standard for what radiology services can deliver through a strategic alignment of your enterprise.

The result is better lifestyles and enhanced careers for local radiologists, improved patient outcomes and hospitals better poised to meet the challenges of today’s evolving healthcare ecosystem.

We also back our solution with a proprietary technology platform that fully integrates with your existing electronic health record, allowing for advanced image visualization and data exchange across a unified system that supports robust clinical workflow.

Our capabilities include:

  • Quality measures integrated into all aspects of workflow, including automated peer review
  • Proprietary, IT-enabled workflow solution
  • An optimized reading environment
  • Enhanced productivity and responsiveness
  • Interventional Radiology expansion
  • Strategic system-wide alignment

Foundation Radiology Group is passionate about teamwork and combining talents to forge a community and culture that keeps the patient at the center of everything we do. That’s why more hospitals and healthcare systems are embracing our model of radiology.

Ready to view radiology in a brand new way?

Our specialists can help you improve your hospital’s costs, quality and patient care.

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