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Forget Ordinary, Integrate Extraordinary. Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN), academic medical centers and health systems are increasingly challenged to provide communities greater value for their care. Radiology touches almost every patient in a health system, and IDNs and health systems often lack the infrastructure necessary to deliver seamlessly exceptional radiology services. The results are fragmented service delivery across the network and local radiologists are stretched beyond capacity, which impacts both quality and service.

Foundation brings a single, fully integrated IT platform across all hospitals so IDNs and health systems can align radiology with their clinical care and enterprise revenue goals. This enables local radiologists, supported by dozens of academic-level radiology subspecialists, to deliver highly efficient, effective radiology services designed for multi-site networks, academic medical centers and community hospitals that strive to thrive over simply surviving.

Radiology is often overlooked as a key player in value-based strategic solutions. With integrated academic-level support in Six Sigma accountability, major barriers to future success are removed.

Ingredients for Success

As radiology is more closely aligned with your mission, technology integration shouldn’t be an afterthought. The Foundation Model provides the expertise and support to implement service line expansion strategies across your entire health system, infusing greater specialization with diagnostic support. This mean Foundation’s radiologists can focus on providing the most effective clinical expertise for each patient’s case.

“Foundation is a full resource – compared to simply outsourcing radiology services, they become part of our team.”

— Hospital Vice President and Executive Director

How Your Hospital System Benefits

Because every hospital is unique to its community, Foundation Radiology Group customizes its patient-focused radiology solution to each customer, integrating local radiologists with radiology subspecialists. In addition, we provide resources so that radiology can be a valued partner in creating and executing on the strategic mission of your health system. Our mission is to help hospitals flourish in today’s demanding healthcare environment by:

  • Clarifying how radiology fits into overall hospital financial goals and strategic planning
  • Providing sophisticated marketing analytics to support growth in basic and advanced clinical care programs
  • Making available trained outreach professionals to educate the most desirable local practices
  • Providing an experienced partner in using radiology strategies to optimize bundled payments, care-coordination models and clinical decision support tools

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