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Use Foundation to compete as a Center of Excellence. Quality is non-negotiable. For you and your patients there is no room for average or substandard radiology service. We developed and continue to improve the most successful patient-oriented hybrid radiology model – the Foundation Model – that resolves fragmented services, poor response times and subspecialty gaps that can chip away at your quality and reputation.

You gain a competitive edge with academic-level radiology subspecialists to broaden service line diagnostic expertise and strengthen your Centers of Excellence. And, Six Sigma principles hold us accountable for delivering outstanding patient care. This begins with mutual success criteria focused on your health system’s quality goals, which are aligned with the right measurable solutions. Results are reported and reviewed with you quarterly. Improvements can be made quickly and best practices identified for broader use.

Years of experience implementing this model in over 30 hospitals, integrated networks and academic medical centers have minimized any transitions risks. Given the outstanding ROI it generates, a greater risk is doing nothing. 

Foundation’s internal quality processes proactively address best practices from the Joint Commission and the American College of Radiology. Our pillars of strategic Radiology — Quality, Service, Reporting and Communication — help hospital systems meet their strategic goals, whether it’s improving relationships with ER physicians, providing strong onsite radiology leadership, growing interventional and diagnostic radiology and supporting it; building market share; or enhancing women’s imaging and other priorities. We’ve seen it from our customers time and again and have consistently delivered the improvement you strive to achieve.

Service is a Specialty

This radiology solution impacts care through heightened focus on immediate, critical findings. Efficient processes and support staff enable radiologists to deliver clinically relevant turn-around times for emergency, inpatient and outpatient cases – with significantly lower error rates.

Transparency – Not Optional

Understanding exactly what quality means to any healthcare organization is vital to delivery outcomes. Foundation reports on the results of reviews regularly to clients, including any discrepancies, with a focus on those that are clinically relevant. Additionally, data provided can provide information on the most important referral sources, how to augment them and minimize leakage.

Physician-to-Physician Relationships

Bar none, patient health and welfare are the cornerstones of our mission. The Foundation model assures onsite radiologist leadership that develops and maintains relationships across the enterprise. Our physicians have direct contact with community and hospital medical staff to strengthen communication – and patient care.

On-demand access for treating physicians – subspecialists are just one call away – is a vital component in treating the most emergent patients and encouraging more meaningful consultations.

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