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Integrated Delivery Networks, community hospitals and local radiologists benefit from strategic alignment across their healthcare enterprise. The Future of Radiology is here.

Foundation Radiology Group – based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – understands the challenges faced by hospitals and IDNs and is a trusted advisor using a pioneering hybrid radiology model. We have extensive experience implementing and operating this model successfully.

Our quality program rivals the very best institutions in the country. Among the largest full-service radiology groups in the nation, Foundation has more than 90 US-based radiologists – 70% are academic quality, fellowship-trained subspecialists.

A leader in innovation in the radiology space, Foundation is the first Joint Commission-accredited multi-state radiology group providing its clients and their patients with final reads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Using Six Sigma accountability and efficiency, we provide unmatched quality.

With a passionate team of board-certified radiologists, we understand the level of quality necessary to make radiology a strategic difference in a community hospital and delivery network. Our innovation, care and expertise are exemplified in everything we do. There is no other company that believes more deeply in value-based service.


Our radiologists work smarter and faster with automation designed to meet the modern challenges of value-based healthcare.

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Our specialists can help you improve your hospital’s costs, quality and patient care.

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